When Should You Pay For Commercial Printing Services?

It's easy to look at commercial printing services and think your business can do that sort of work with the equipment you have on hand. However, some jobs are meant for the professionals, no matter how good your setup might be. Here are four instances when it's probably best to send a project to a commercial printing company.

Unusual Sizes

A major advantage of commercial printing businesses is they have access to machines that can print unusual products, especially ones that are odd sizes. Likewise, they can purchase a wide range of materials for different jobs. For example, it's usually a lot easier for a commercial firm to handle a task like label printing. They have the equipment and supplies for the job, and their team members have experience dealing with unusual items.

Notably, the idea works going up the scale of sizes, too. If you want a series of posters, that's also a job you probably don't have the machinery for.

Quality Matters

Commercial printing outfits have numerous solutions for producing high-quality products. If you want to use a top-tier color process, such as an 8-color system, it's not easy to come by a printer that'll do that work even at the best office supply store.

A commercial printing company can also help you understand the available options in terms of quality. If you're not sure how paper brightness and weight factor into the quality of a specific product, they can explain both concepts. They also can clarify issues about color systems and profiles to help you do a better job of taking projects from digital designs to finished items.

Size and Speed

Another area where it's hard to compete with a commercial operation is the size and speed of jobs. Most have machines that were built for high-volume output. Likewise, they have spare systems available to pick up the slack when machines fail. Unless your business can afford its own dedicated printing department, there's a good chance a third-party solution will always be the easiest way to do thousands of items fast.

Complex Finished Products

It's one thing to print out some pages and put them together for a few reports. It's quite another to make thousand of properly bound booklets that use full-bleed graphics and high-quality inks. Not only is it a challenge to create the components, but it can be a downright pain to bring all of the elements together into a finished product. Fortunately, a commercial printing company can take on this task because they have the means to produce this kind of work.

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