Four Ways To Use Custom Printing At Your Dance School's Next Recital

Tickets to your dance school's recitals aren't the only way you can use custom printing to make the event go smoothly. There are lots of fun and helpful options for custom printing you may want to consider for your school's next recital. Use this guide to help determine which options are right for your school and its students.

Reserved Seating

Parents will likely want to get the best possible seat for the show, but you may find that some seats need to be reserved for other people in attendance. This could include photographers, videographers, and choreographers. Use your custom printing service to create reserved seating signs that designate each seat for the intended guests. You can add the names of each person, or you can simply have the reserved signage printed with the titles for each person. Another option is to assign specific aisles to parents, which can be closer to the front of the stage, leaving the seats in the rear of the theater for non-family members who will be attending.

Stage Parent T-Shirts

If you will have some parents helping backstage, consider having custom T-shirts printed to designate them as official stage moms and dads. The shirts can feature your dance school's name, and you can also customize the shirts further by adding the name of each parent's child on the back. Consider having shirts printed for your photographers and any other people who will be working behind the scenes so they can enjoy easy access to the backstage area. A company like American Screen Graphics can provide more info about this.

Custom Dance Bags

Reward your students for their hard work by having custom dance bags printed for each student. They can use the bags to tote their dance shoes and costumes to the theater, and the bags can be used after the recital for dance practice as well. Have the name of the recital as well as the name of each child printed on the bags. You may also want to add bottled water, hairspray, and barrettes or ponytail holders to each bag to give your students the supplies they need on the day of the recital.

Printed Programs

Dance recital programs let parents know when to expect their children on stage, and they also make a wonderful keepsake your students can add to a scrapbook or photo album. Have the name of each routine printed along with the names of each student who will be performing the routines, and consider having full-color photos of the students added to the last few pages to give each student a special bit of recognition as part of your dance company.

Work with your custom printer to come up with additional options you can use for your recital, and be sure to order your custom printing well in advance of the recital so you can have the items in time to distribute to students and parents.  

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