3 Tips For Getting Your Research Poster To Your Conference

If you have to fly to a conference to present a research poster, getting your poster to the conference on time and in one piece may be a concern of yours. Posters, especially traditional tri-fold posters, do not always travel well. Complications during travel can leave you with a bent or wrinkled poster or, worse yet, no poster at all once you reach your destination. However, with extra planning, you can make sure that a well-printed poster arrives at your destination on time. Below are some tips on how to travel with a research poster. 

Consider the Various Types of Posters Available 

Modern research posters are available in a variety of mediums. Besides traditional tri-fold posters, you can opt for a tri-fold poster that is cut in half (giving you six pieces instead of three) and then assembled on site. This can give you the stability of a tri-fold that can fit in a carry-on suitcase. 

Alternatively, there are wrinkle-free fabric posters available that can be folded into your suitcase and then set up without any creases or wrinkles. However, to display these posters, you will need either wall space or a mounting rack available. Some print shops sell telescoping mounting racks that will also fit in your carry-on to display these types of posters. 

Have Your Poster Shipped Directly to the Conference 

Instead of trying to travel with your poster to the conference, consider having your poster shipped to the conference ahead of time. Your printer can ship the poster directly to the conference for you or you can get a third party courier to ship the poster. Either way, make sure the poster is adequately protected before you ship it. Also, you may want to see a proof before you ship your poster through a printer to make sure there are no errors on your poster. 

Be Courteous and Honest About Your Needs 

If you do have to take a traditional tri-fold poster or poster tube on a plane with you, be courteous and upfront with the flight staff about your needs. Posters can often be stored either behind the last row of seats or in the coat check area of business class without taking up much room. Often, if you are courteous in your request, your poster can travel with you without incurring any extra fees. 

Traveling with a large poster can be a bit tricky at times. But with extra planning, you can make sure you have the poster you need for your presentation. Contact a company like Big Research Posters for more information about your printing and shipping options.

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