Update Your Business Cards To Make A Bigger Impression

The business card continues to be a tiny billboard on which you can promote your products and services. With all of the attention given to digital advertising, the "old school" business card is sometimes ignored. But some unique printing services are available to even the smallest companies to make their business cards stand out. Here are some ways to update your business cards and keep your products and services in front of your customers.

Size and Shapes

Your business card design is no longer limited to a 2-inch by 3-inch piece of paper. A printing company will help you match the size and shape of the card to the impression you need to make on people.

You have nearly an unlimited number of shapes available to you. Customize your card shape to create a unique message that people won't just throw away. If you own a limo service, print cards shaped like a car. A house painter can have cards shaped like a paintbrush.

Consider cards that are larger or smaller than the standard 2-inch by 3-inch card. Folded business cards give you more room to promote products and tell your company's story. A tri-fold card that looks like a tree and stands upright on the desk can advertise your landscaping business. A smaller card shaped like a child's shoe can advertise your "tiny tots" line of infant clothing.

Business Card Materials

Business cards can now be made from a variety of materials including plastic, metal and sustainable materials, such as bamboo and seagrass. Recycled materials are being used to create unique business cards. An auto collision repair shop could have a metal business card. An ophthalmologist could print their card on a plastic magnifying lens. If you have a laptop repair business, you'll find companies that print cards on old computer printed circuit boards.

Printing Options That Work in the Digital World

Perhaps the greatest advances have been made in the actual printing on the business card. In use for several years now, people are becoming creative with quick response (QR) codes. This is a symbol printed on your card that, when scanned by a smartphone or tablet, can send the person to your website, display a how-to video, or play an audio message inviting them to come to your grand opening.

Conductive ink technology brings the business card into the digital age. This special ink can be read by the scanner on a smartphone or tablet. The ink itself stores information that the mobile device picks up. It can also direct the person to product and services information on special landing pages of your website.

The use of the business card in small business marketing is not dead. It continues to play an important part in face-to-face networking. Design your business cards to be as unique as your company to keep your information within reach of consumers.

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