Digital Copiers: Keeping Your Information Protected

Today's modern copy machines do more than just make copies of your business paperwork. They can now scan, email, and store important information all in one place and at the touch of a button. While this new technology can make work life much simpler, it can also pose a serious threat to your business' sensitive information. If you own a digital copy machine, it's important to understand the risks as well as what you can do to ensure your information is protected.

What's At Risk

Most digital copiers come with an internal hard drive installed. This drive keeps everything that's scanned or emailed unless the user deletes it. Most people assume that once a piece of paper has been sent to someone else, it is floating out in cyberspace and only the recipient can see in. In actuality, the copy machine keeps this information stored on the drive unless someone manually removes it. This means that everything from pertinent, classified financial information to employees' personal files can be stored there, vulnerable to hackers or available to someone who might purchase the machine later on. 

What You Can Do

There are several ways you can ensure that personal and sensitive information stays in the right hands. Here are some tips to help keep the information scanned and emailed on your digital copier safe:

  • Use access codes: Make sure that only authorized employees have use of the copy machine by requiring a four-digit passcode. Some models even include fingerprint scanners so that only certain personnel can make use of the machine. 
  • Require deletion: This option requests that everyone manually deletes the items they copy, scan, or email when the task is complete. This will remove the information from the hard drive and reduce the risk for information staying stored when it shouldn't be.
  • Remove the drive: You should always remove the installed hard drive from your copy machine before selling it. This will ensure that no one else has access to important, sensitive documents once the machine has left your hands. A professional copy repair company can assist you in removing it if you're unsure of how to take it out yourself.
  • Monitor activity: Perform regular checks of the information being copied on your machines so you can ensure that everything is being properly distributed or removed as needed. Keeping a watchful eye on the paperwork that is transmitted throughout your company can help you get control over what documents are being sent and stored so you'll have peace of mind. 

For more information and details, talk with a company that sells copy machines, such as J M Todd Inc.

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