Custom Vinyl Business Signage And Graphics

A custom vinyl sign is a versatile graphic format that is perfect for a business with a shop presence. Vinyl signage is a high-end, four-color print of any logo, graphic, letter shape, image, or picture, that can be easily applied to a smooth surface. You can apply a vinyl sign to a stone, rock, marble, concrete, or glass surface. It can also be applied to the back of a display window, as well as on a fabric banner, or on the side of a car, truck, or boat. If you are a business owner and would like to have a professional business sign, a vinyl sign may be appropriate for you. Here is the procedure to design and install a custom vinyl sign:

Design A Vinyl Business Sign - Measure the area where you would like to install your vinyl sign. Create a preliminary drawing of your sign with your logo and the type and text that you wish to have printed. If possible, create a secondary drawing of your sign in a computer graphic program at full scale. Send your drawings to a professional vinyl sign printer for a cost quote and time estimate to create your sign. When your sign is ready to be printed, the printer will send you a copy of the design, color, and size of your sign for your final approval.  

Install A Vinyl Business Sign - Once your business sign has been printed and delivered, you can easily install it in its final location. Here is the format of a custom vinyl business sign: 

  • Vinyl Sign Wax Liner - This wax liner holds the vinyl components of your sign in position until you apply them to the surface and location of your choice. A print shop will place your vinyl sign on this background to transfer the sign to you. Remove this wax liner from the back of your vinyl sign when you are ready to mount it in its final position.   
  • Vinyl Sign - This is the actual vinyl signage that you will be applying to a smooth surface. The components of this vinyl sign are backed by a strong adhesive that will hold them in place for many years without peeling or fading. Vinyl sign adhesive is also weather proof and can be applied to outdoor surfaces and withstand changing weather conditions. 
  • Vinyl Sign Transfer Paper - This semi-opaque transfer paper allows you to place the vinyl sign in position and burnish the sign onto its destination substrate. After burnishing, carefully pull the transfer paper away from the signage at a 180-degree angle to release it in place.  

Vinyl signs can be transparent, semi-transparent, or opaque, and printed with a glossy or a matte finish. You can also have your vinyl sign mounted onto a seamless vinyl banner with grommets that can be hung on a wall or stretched between buildings or mounting poles. Custom vinyl business signage is economical and versatile. Check online or at your local professional print shop to see if a vinyl sign or banner is appropriate for your business. 

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