Planning A Party At Work? Supplies To Keep On Hand For Impromptu Office Festivities

If you work in an office, celebrations can arise. Whether you are welcoming a new staff member or celebrating a coworker's retirement, it could be the perfect time for a party. Keep a stash of goods and goodies on hand for these events to ensure you have what you need to get the party started.

Things that you need to keep on hand for your office parties are:

A great banner. If you have access to a wide format printer at work, use it to create a fabulous banner for the event. If not, visit a print shop to create a good-sized banner on a wide format printer, or order a vinyl banner from a custom printing company.

Reusable platters. Invest in a stack of plastic reusable platters for serving food, presenting a cake, or arranging a centerpiece at your party.

A gift or two. Try to tuck a couple of wrapped gifts on hand at work for unexpected celebrations. You should choose gifts that would appeal to any member of the staff or team, such as gift cards or promotional products from your company.

A stash of music. What is a party without music? Be sure that you have speakers for an MP3 player or a few CDs on hand to create the party atmosphere when you need it.

A clever centerpiece. It is a good idea to keep some stuff around that could be used for a celebratory centerpiece when needed. This might be a couple vases for fresh flowers, or a bag of pine cones to arrange on one of your platters for a fall accent.

Disposable cutlery and paper goods. Start tucking disposable cutlery and paper products away now. Whenever you have take-out food, add the extra plastic silverware or napkins to your party supply stash. Look for cheap party goods after major holidays and stock up for parties at the office.

A handful of cards. Keep a handful of greeting cards in your party drawer for any possible celebration. Tuck copies of photos that you happen to have of your team in the drawer for customizing and making unique cards for extra-special occasions.

Keep things simple but celebratory when hosting a get-together in the office, and stick to simple finger foods and non-alcoholic beverages for the easiest clean up after. Start putting away items that you can use for the next festive affair, and encourage others in the office to contribute to the collection!

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