Paper Rules: Why You Should Make A Paper Version Of Your Ebook

If you've been writing ebooks and making a fairly good name for yourself, you might want to consider printing paper versions of the books. Many book printing companies can print small, on-demand-type batches if you're not sure you want to print a lot of copies yet. While ebooks are easy to store and are usually very cheap, paper books offer some advantages that could increase your profits while making readers very happy.

Bigger Audience

The main reason for printing paper copies of your book is to increase the number of people who can read your book. Not everyone likes ebooks, and many ebook readers -- the people, not the devices -- still like the feel of a paper book in their hands. If you make a paper version available, you'll suddenly have this larger pool of potential readers. Having a paper copy available is no guarantee that people will buy it, but if you don't have a paper version available, then you guarantee these people won't buy your book at all.

Better Reading Time

In addition to liking the feel of a paper book, many readers like the idea of having a copy that doesn't require battery time. Ebook readers -- the devices, not the people -- have increased, but still limited reading time. Once the battery runs out, that's it until the battery is recharged. There's no worry about batteries failing with a paper book. So, if people really like your book, they might want a paper copy so they can read it whenever they want, regardless of power status.

Better Layout Control

Paper versions of a book also allow the author to have more control over the layout and how things appear on the page. Once it's printed, a page isn't going to change. But with ebooks, text and graphics can move around depending on how the person using the reader has configured the device. Larger print, for example, can cause pictures to move to the next screen/page. A large-print paper book, though, can be designed so that the text continues to wind around the picture.

Better Chance of Bigger Profits

And don't forget the price: prices for paper books are expected to be higher than prices for ebooks. You've got the potential to make more profits that way. It will be tempered by possibly lower numbers of sales as other people still go for the ebook version, but the possibility of making more money does exist.

Do be aware that some ebook seller platforms will give readers a free copy of the ebook if they buy a paper version. Not all sellers do this, but it is something you should check out before assuming anything about how your sales will go in the future.

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